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Urban Decay

Mobile Concept for Urban Decay

The Approach

As with every project, I started with an in depth inquiry of exactly what they were looking for. They needed some conceptual graphics to gauge the interest of this offering to Urban Decay. After the requirements were clear, I quickly started working on the imagery to produce the results seen here.

The Opportunity

FamCom inc. is a software company delivering quality solutions to many businesses in California. They approached me to put together a concept which showcased how FamCom inc. could use in-app processing and the phone’s mobile camera technology to digitally paint makeup onto users.


Lessons Learned

When client’s need work to happen immediately, because it hinges upon the sale of a sizable project, I along with my support team will go to extra lengths to produce high quality visuals, as well as envisioning a great user experience to try and win over quality work.

The Design Process

The design process consisted of wire-framing/blocking out the portions of the design in which controls were required. This was quickly followed up with high fidelity work so the FamCom inc. could present these designs to the Urban Decay stakeholders.

Final Thoughts

I’d love to get the opportunity again to do conceptual work for FamCom inc. Their CEO Karm Khama is a great leader who is driven, flexible and seeks out great opportunities and our team can really appreciate that.