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Welcome to Clear Story where Visual Design Meets User Experience.

I help businesses enhance their brands in a digital world.

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Web Design
User Experience and User Interface Design
Online Campaigns

Strategy & Copywriting
Presentation Authoring/Design
Logo Design/ID Systems
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I created Clear Story to embody a design & content methodology, focused on excellent narrative and am developing a new approach to content strategy. I’m open to working for other agencies, as well as directly for clients and employers. I’m also always looking for great causes to assist with pro bono work.


3932 Gaviota Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90807
(323) 854-7099

Let’s discover the true voice of your company, with research, competitive analysis and design that will exceed your needs.
— David Martinez

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Sugar says "Thanks for stopping by!"

Sugar says "Thanks for stopping by!"

What's new

I am currently looking for new challenges after wrapping up helping A Show for A Change with their first Product Offering which is a Paid Video Platform for social good.


I created Clear Story to channel all marketing and branding requests into a single entity, so clients can be serviced efficiently & directly. I'd be glad to help you discuss your existing issues and needs. I focus on prioritizing and creating your content, so you don't have to.

About David

David has spent the better part of 20 years helping companies grow, with three of the startups he has assisted being acquired: Silicon Grail/Rayz by Apple, Dynamics Direct by Alterian, and Velocify by Ellie Mae. He was also the first resident designer hired by Brian Lee to help brand and grow Legalzoom to the successful business it is today.