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CAKE Editorial

Cake Editorial

The Approach

Our focus here was to consume the content and develop visuals based on the story’s intent, sometimes literally, while other times using abstracted art. The outcomes were received very well.

The Opportunity

The marketing lead at CAKE wanted a branded editorial experience leveraging the main colors while creating something fresh, contemporary and eye-catching to increase our visibility in within CAKE’s domain.


Lessons Learned

When you have clear goals and communication between customers and service providers, your outcomes are much more predictable and much more likely to succeed.

The Editorial Process

It was great working with CAKE’s marketing team because they always had a vision that they could communicate. This made assembling the imagery much easier.

Final Thoughts

We welcome the thought of working with CAKE again. Whenever they need a pair of fresh, creative eyes - we will be ready to help them on their next big project.