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BuildLA UX

BuildLA Customer Journey (UX) 

The Approach

All of these city agencies have their own websites and processes, but what if they could be tied together, researchable and (in the future) functional under one website/domain?

The Opportunity

There are many agencies that you can work with in order to build and develop properties within the City of Los Angeles, namely Building & Safety, Public Works, City Planning & The Fire Department.


Lessons Learned

All these agencies have workflows that access many of the same databases, to achieve similar or the same outcomes in terms of permitting and inspecting work.

The UX Process

In order to market and create a website that could include all of the functionality of these connected agencies, we first must map how customers traverse the existing sites online now.

Final Thoughts

The City of LA should consider mapping out all of the flows of these four agencies, seeing where the overlap occurs and mapping new processes that would address requirements for multiple agencies. They should also work to consolidate existing processes that in which they can share data to accomplish similar or the same tasks. Hiring an information architect, and user researcher and a business analyst (building a team) would be key in consolidating functions and improving the customer experience across all of the participating agencies.