Clear Story helps companies tell their best stories through user experience, visual design, copywriting and motion.
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Most of my experience revolves around working with startup principles, product leads and engineers.

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Startups & Small Businesses

I’m adept at working with owners, principals and business leaders. I’ve been credited for my soft skills, and am a strong believer in active listening, to help leaders overcome their business challenges.

VPs & Managers

I take challenges and direction very well from management to help them achieve their business goals. I listen, offer analysis and professional feedback with the hopes of helping them improve their processes and outcomes.

Collaborating with Other Agencies & Creatives

I work well with other agencies and individuals contributing to the same project. I look forward to learning more about their processes and seek alignment, mutual respect and professionalism when engaging them.

Helping You Outsource IT and Content Functions

I’ve also worked with external agencies to help facilitate PPC, SEO and IT functions. I approach these relationships with documentation, clarity and staying connected through voice + video calls. Having clear goals and expected outcomes here is ideal for the project to succeed within the expected parameters.