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Ketoship: Clean, Sophisticated & Simple

The Approach

I wanted to keep the design very light, open and clean - echoing the brand’s ethos and goals. I also made the food the focal point of the page as it was the most integral part of the company’s success.

The Opportunity

I was approached to render a new website design for Ketoship, which is a way of eating that develops a prolonged state of ‘ketosis’ to help you with our weight loss goals.


Lessons Learned

The design was received very well, as the design echoed strong parallels with company goals.

The Design Process

This process was expedited, since I was providing the first pass at this brand and website - to see if the fit was accurate for both groups to work together.

Final Thoughts

When creating a lifestyle brand, whether it’s about food, exercise or building communities - design and photography play massive roles in how the customers perceive value.