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The Process

We take an in-depth look at your business so we are intimate with how it works. We ask a lot of questions, and we listen. We review business processes, legacy systems and current approaches to access your next moves. We'll help you increase the bottom line with quality writing, great visuals and interactive solutions. We're comfortable pitching great solutions if you are comfortable letting us become familiar with your product line and goals. Let's view your business through the lens of product design (the way Apple, Dyson and Tesla do) to take your business further than you could have ever imagined.

How UX is Approached:

Develop a Goal

Wether it’s redesigning a website, legacy app or blue skying new approach to the market, having an end game in mind will give your new project focus and parameters in which to start. What truths can we build upon? What questions can we help us build a foundation to move forward?

Create a Hypothesis

Here we’ll create a statement in which we can act upon. It will include a statement the reveals an issue, a course of action and a perceived outcome. Here’s an example. “By reducing the amount of fields in our lengthy signup forms for new users, we should be able to increase signups by 100%.”

Prioritize Towards a Solution

Once we have direction, we’ll need to know what are the steps in which we solve this issue and what order can we solve them in? Can we gather key stakeholders with market data to help us drive at a prioritized list? Using “Sprints” we can quickly design and engineer a solution that fits our requirements.

We Test our Theory

How that we have working version of our solution, we should be able to test it against our production version to give us the data needed to see if our theory is true. Also know as A/B or split testing, we can then gauge easily which version performs better.

Rinse and Repeat

Great UX & Design doesn’t stop and singular improvements over specific pages. It encourages a holistic view of addressing all customer touch points, the experience feels interconnected, related and functional.

How Design is Approached:

  1. Discovery/Competitive Analysis

  2. Clarify your value proposition(s) & long term goals

  3. Discuss a content strategy that’s customized for your needs (and information architecture if this for a website or app)

  4. Explore what type of visuals (static & motion) which can support the selected content strategy (illustrations, photographs, iconography, motion & video)

  5. Assemble wireframes that speak to the needs assembled above

  6. Iterate wireframes until we get sign-off

  7. Design desktop + mobile designs in high fidelity

  8. Hand off design specifications and assets off to production/engineering for a live build

  9. Review build until the build meets exceptions

  10. Push to a live server


We move faster by taking it all in…

Though we love being heads down and hitting the ground running, we take discovery, research and competitive analysis very seriously. These are the types of investments that will help define the trajectory, estimations and completion of your project much more accurately. We want you to know what to expect!


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