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Hancock Residential

Hancock Residential

The Approach

I interviewed the CEO, asking about all of their existing pain points, challenges, and strategies to access vital information. Clearly, using the web as a hub to learn more about the company and share important pieces of information was key.

The Opportunity

The CEO of Hancock Residential approached me to design their first website to help them expand their growing company and consolidate information online, to help both prospective customers and staff access important information through the web.


Lessons Learned

Working with Hancock Residential was exciting, fast paced and gave me and our support team new perspectives in the real estate world. We gained knowledge of the industry, key players and requirements needed for the business to succeed.

The Design Process

After some competitive analysis, I offered multiple solutions (and styles) to the client, and after selecting what was closest to their needs, we iterated twice before concluding with the final pick to develop for production.

Final Thoughts

This was a highly successful project, delivered quickly and within budget. The client was pleased, and there’s nothing more gratifying than that.